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Happy Clients


Rachel was amazing from the very beginning! I found her through Facebook advertising her birth class's and I reached out to her about her services. For our meet and greet she meet with me at my house. Unfortunately my husband wasn't able to make it, so she worked with us to meet again to make sure she was the right fit for ours needs. Which she was and more. Rachel went above and beyond for us teaching us everything we needed to know. This was our first child and didn't sign up for classes soon enough, so she took us through everything that she thought we needed to know. When it finally came down to having our little girl. She was right there with us even for the false labor and actual labor in a 24 hour window from each other. We didn't get to do our planned birth plan, but it was close. It went very smooth and Rachel was an amazing coach and helped me get through every push and more. She was absolutely amazing! We also had her help with postpartum care. That was the best thing ever to have someone to talk to and have help watch the little one for a little bit a time. Definitely since I had to have emergency surgery 5 weeks after baby was born. Rachel was able to help us out a whole night two days after surgery and that was, so life saving. She was fantastic with our daughter. I would highly recommend her!

— Bethany

“Rachel was a calming presence at my birth, and was great at facilitating communication with my doctor. I’ll never forget how she coached me through my last contractions, and helped me rally my strength. She really helped my birth experience a lot less traumatic than ones past.”

— Emily

Having Rachel with me as a birth and postpartum doula was honestly my saving grace. She was there for everything, and I loved not having to interview a separate birth and postpartum doula. I knew I could always ask her for advice, and would be a sympathetic ear for me if I needed her.

— E.S.

Rachel was kind, informative and positive. She was great during the prenatal visits but she really shined during labor. I felt unconditionally supported, both mentally and physically throughout my time with Rachel. She was a wonderful part of my birth team and experience!

— Elana A.

Rachel was a fabulous doula for her client. She provided excellent labor support and was able to give comfort during a difficult laboring process. She remained calm and was able to communicate effectively with staff, and advocate for her client’s needs. Rachel also has extensive lactation knowledge, and was helpful in the immediate postpartum period. Bravo!

-Sara RN