Sibling Doula

“ The only way I was able to do a home birth with 3 other children in the house was Rachel. She explained to them, at a level they could understand what was happening, and gave me the privacy I needed to labor with my husband and our midwife. I loved that the kids were able to come visit me for a little while, but then I could go back to the task at hand.”

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The dilemma

If you’re worried about being able to find childcare once you go into labor, a sibling doula is a great solution. You have a trained proffessional who has experience in both childbirth, and has a background of caring for children.

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Sibling doulas are on call from 38 weeks, until delivery, and charge a flat fee. So no worrying about longer labors, and ballooning childcare costs.

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Our package

1-2 play dates for your sibling doula, and children to meet and get to know Rachel.

Continuous labor support for your child in any setting that they are permitted to be at–this includes hospitals and birth centers.

1 postpartum follow up visit for you and your child can help them (and you) process their birth experience.