Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doulas can teach swaddling, baby wearing, perform light house cleaning duties, provide breastfeeding and safe bottle feeding support, meal prep, overnight care, and so much more.

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First Week Home

$360 value

Jump start your postpartum recovery, and get help with your first week home. After a long labor, your body needs some time to heal itself. This package is made up of 12 hours of daytime support split over 3 sessions.

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Back to Work Package

$1200 value

Going back to work can be pretty overwhelming in the postpartum period. Having a doula there with baby can help curb your exhaustion, lower your chances of postpartum depression, and let you rest easy at night knowing that your baby is in safe, experienced hands. This is a 5 night package to be used over 2 weeks

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Custom Package

Daytime $25 per hour

Nighttime $30 per hour

Not seeing what you need here? Contact us, and we can set up something customized to perfectly suit the needs of your family.