Frequently Asked Questions


Many people have questions about what falls in the realm of doula work, and how to best utilize proffessional doula services. We have the answers.

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Why do I need a birth doula? I have a midwife.

While Sweet Starts Doulas absolutely love working with midwives, we definitely perform different jobs. Midwives and doulas do serve to complement each other. Doulas are here as your personal advocate in the room, and are there primarily for physical and emotional support. Midwives’ primary goal in the birthing room is ensuring your medical safety ( as they should), and they are the ones performing clinical tasks such as heart monitoring, blood pressure checks, and vaginal exams.

can i use a doula if i am planning on having an epidural? how about a C-section

Yes of course! Birth with epiduarals have their own challenges for a variety of reasons, and our doulas go to births with epiduarals frequently, and find that sometimes mommas need support more than ever. When you have a Cesarean section, it is a major abdominal surgery, and it can be really comforting to have a trusted figure with you, and your partner, to help set you up in the hospital and in the first few hours after delivery.

Can you be my birth doula and my sibling doula

As a general rule, Rachel prefers to act soley as a birth doula, or a sibling doula and not mix the two. That said, feel free to reach out and see if we can work together to get your needs met.

Do you have payment plans Available?

Yes we do have payment plans available. We require a 50 % deposit up front normally, but remain flexible. We also take Paypal payments.

I really want a doula, but my partner isn’t sure. What should I do?

I reccomend showing them this article.

can I use Sweet Starts just for postpartum services, or birth services? Both?

Yes of course you may. Some parents may have a lot of help postpartum, but definitely want some help preparing for their birth, and using a birth doula. Other families may not find us till after their baby is born, and realize they would love some guidance from a postpartum doula in their “fourth trimester”. If you hire your birth doula, and love her to pieces, as much as we love our ladies, you can hire her to be your postpartum doula as well, as long as she has had postpartum training.

what is the difference between a birth and postpartum doula?

A birth doula performs prenatal support for new parents, and helps guide the birthing person through their labor. A postpartum doula specializes in caring for the postpartum mama and newborn baby 0- 6 months, and does not attend births. She can provide extensive breastfeeding support, and help field sleep questions, help with understanding baby ques, and many other practical tools.

can you drive me to the hospital?

Unfortunately doulas cannot drive clients to or from hospitals, birthing centers, classes, or appointments as it violates our insurance policy.